Dec 8, 2018

Search for available Arch User Repositories packages:

or just do a google search <package-name> archlinux and you will find the package for Archlinux whether it’s AUR or in the regular repositories.

To install AUR packages, download snapshot, unpack it, cd to resulting directory,
makepkg -sri


less PKGBUILD  look over the PKGBUILD file to see what it’s going to do

pacman -sri     will install AUR package along with dependencies as long is
                           dependencies are on Archlinux official repositories.

-s        Install missing dependencies using pacman. When build-time or
           run-time dependencies are not found, pacman will try to resolve
           them. If successful, the missing packages will be downloaded and

-r        Upon successful build, remove any dependencies installed by makepkg
           during dependency auto-resolution and installation when using -s.

-i         Install or upgrade the package after a successful build using

For more detailed information see: