April Meeting


Meeting Place: 
owtown Bowling Palace 
4333 River Oaks Blvd.
(Corner of River Oaks and Jacksboro Hwy.)
(Hwy 199 = Jacksboro Hwy.)

At the  April meeting we reviewed "April 7 Archlinux Install Notes".  Dennis Coburn took us up on the offer to go through the install process on his Lenovo i5 ThinkPad, which was successful.  He intends to develop the system further and install KDE/Plasma Desktop Invironment and various other packages as needed.  We are very happy with Archlinux, which is a rolling release.  We encourage all linux users to give it a try. We look forward to a progress report from Dennis next month. Here are our install notes.

Our normal meetings are held on the Second Saturday of each month at 10AM.

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